FeNZ Coach Registrations

Fencing New Zealand is launching a new Coaching Commission's Coach Training and Development Programme, which is being rolled out over the course of 2020 and 2021.

We currently have a number of talented and hard-working coaches around NZ and registration as a coach in FeNZ is an important first step in having these coaches' work recognised.

Registration is a step that all coaches in NZ of all levels are expected to follow, as the requirements for registration are aimed at ensuring that clubs are delivering fencing services in a safe and consistent manner - FeNZ is committed to creating safe environments for training.

From a club management and coaching perspective, having registered coaches in your club is of obvious value when it comes to accessing FeNZ's liability insurance cover and maintaining a professional reputation in the sporting community.

As the phased rollout of the Coach Development Programme progresses, registration will be a co-requisite of the technical work required. Ultimately this leads to a qualification within the Oceania Fencing Masters Academy – the FIE recognized body for coach development in the Oceania Region.

If you have an existing OFMA qualification, or another qualification you would like recognised in the OFMA system, you will still be required to register.

From a national perspective, a coaching register will provide FeNZ with an up to date record of who is coaching around the country allowing us to target development opportunities to regions, provide resources, and disseminate information directly to coaches.

Lists of registered and accredited coaches will be published on the FeNZ website.

We encourage all the active coaches in your club to register



FeNZ Coach Registration - Information for Clubs

FeNZ Coach Registration Process

FeNZ Coach Registration Application Form


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